The In-Betweens

Currently, this is my favorite picture I have ever taken. To me, its raw. It was a moment, theres a memory attached to this picture and the movement tells a story. Not to mention, its pretty fun to look at. So much time is spent posing my models to achieve the "perfect" picture. One that will make the parents happy, that will make my clients feel beautiful, one that will if done right, be framed and turn into a conversation piece for visiting relatives. I love that. I love knowing that the pictures I am taking mean so much to the people I deliver them to a couple weeks later. So why am I drawn so heavily to the pictures that don't provoke such an emotional connection?

They're real. Theres little to no direction. I don't feel pressure to control the situation.

"You should dance around"

"Pretend like you're fire"

"Act like a ballerina"

Through this I learned that beauty is in the in-between moments. When my models are stumbling around laughing at themselves, when they pause to fix their hair and look to me for direction that I don't plan on giving to them is when the magic happens.

The fleeting moments.


"Is your camera charged?"

"ummmm halfway!"

"Good enough lets go dance"


So heres to the unplanned moments and to the in-betweens.